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Sting spricht über seine Verletzung!

gepostet von Y2Jericholic am 25.09.2015 um 17:35 Uhr

Sting hat ein erstes Interview auf wwe.com geführt, wo es um seine Verletzung und weiterem geht! 

Die kurze Zusammenfassung: Sting geht es wieder besser, er fühlt sich noch etwas angeschlagen wie nach jedem normalen Match. Die Turnbuckle Bumps sind definitv der Grund seiner Verletzung, er habe das Gefühl in den Armen und Fingern etwas verloren, beim zweiten Bump auch das Gefühl in seinen Beinen. Auch wenn es noch nicht ganz feststeht, besteht der Verdacht auf eine zervikale Wirbelkanalstenose. Dabei drückt der Wirbelkanal auf das Rückenmark und stört den Fluss der Nervenimpulse in Arme und Beine. Zunächste mal geht es in ärztliche Behandlung, wenngleich der Stinger eine Rückkehr in den Ring unter den richtigen Umständen nicht ausschließt. Außerdem lobt er Seth Rollins in den höchsten Tönen. Rollins hat sich sofort nach Sting im Krankenwagen erkundigt und entschuldigt. Zu guter letzt dankt Sting auch seinen Fans.

Hier das Original.

WWE.COM: It’s been a few days since your match at Night of Champions. How are you feeling?

STING: Aside from a stiff neck, I’m a little banged up, but otherwise, I feel good. Pretty standard after wrestling a match like that.

WWE.COM: Can you set everyone straight on the extent of your injury, as you await further evaluation?

STING: Bottom line, I had tingling, numbness down both arms, all the way to my fingertips. And then, later in the match, I just fell wrong, whatever it was, and this time [the tingling and numbness] went down both arms and into my legs, and I couldn’t feel my legs too well. They just felt like rubber. I don’t know how to describe it. I had to go down on all fours there for a minute, get my composure. I was a little … I was worried.
Long term, well, I’m just going to take care of the short term first and see how the long term might play out.

WWE.COM: What kind of treatment did you receive after your injury at Night of Champions?

STING: I was out in the hospital — out like a light. They had a neck brace on me, and they were pumping me with [medication] to get me out of pain. I had to do a CT scan and an MRI. They ended up talking to my wife, and I have some details from my wife, but I still have [further evaluation ahead]. They mentioned cervical spinal stenosis, but that’s only part of what I heard. I don’t know if there’s anything else. The doctor did tell my wife, “He’s going to have to get this dealt with. He’s lucky he walked out of there.”

WWE.COM: Is getting back in the ring again something you’d want to do? Do you have that desire to return?

STING: [long pause] Hmmm, in the right scenario … in the right scenario, yeah.

WWE.COM: Were you aware of exactly when your injury occurred during the match?

STING: Oh, yeah, definitely. Both times into the turnbuckle. First time was like a whiplash. [pause] It’s my fault, bottom line. I know better. The second time, I went up into the air and back toward the turnbuckle like that, I thought, “Well, that’s not going to happen again,” and it did. The second time was worse.

WWE.COM: How would you describe competing against Seth Rollins?

STING: The biggest pleasure. I’m honored. After 30 years and working with some of the best and some of the greatest, [Rollins] is, I’m telling you, he’s got to be the best I’ve ever worked with. I mean, this guy has it. And I think he’s just scratching the surface on what he will do. I’ve never seen somebody as talented. He’s working two [matches] on Raw, two [matches] on the pay-per-view, he’s involved in every other segment and it’s physical. He’s got guys coming from every angle. There’s a lot on his plate. He’s carrying a lot, and he’s handling it. He’s proven he can do it. I’m just glad I had a chance to work with him. He’s the kind of guy who could be in there with a broomstick and make something very interesting happen, a match that people would love somehow.

WWE.COM: That’s incredibly high praise coming from Sting.

STING: Really, I can’t say enough. He poked his head in the ambulance and said, “Man, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened.” I said, “Seth, don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault.” And he, for 15 minutes, he said, “I just wanted to tell you what an honor it was, what a pleasure. I can’t believe I had a chance to get in the ring with you and work with you. I was you for Halloween when I was a kid.” He was on and on about it, but man, this young guy, he doesn’t have any idea how much I appreciate being able to work with him.

WWE.COM: Well, the important thing is that you walked away from it. There’s been quite a bit of speculation on the Internet as to what happened, so thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Any closing words for your fans?

STING: I have not been on the Internet, but I have heard some things here and there. To be quite honest, I just shut myself in once I got home. I can’t tell you the number of text messages and phone calls I received. But listen, I’m grateful, thankful and appreciate wrestling fans now — after 30 years — I appreciate them now more than I ever have. 

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